Cosmic Jellyfish

Archival quality, museum grade, giclée print with archival inks. Fine art print of original cyanotype, pen and ink and photographic artwork.




"I have walked Bradley’s Beach on dusk, watching the stars gradually blossom in the night sky. I have seen the bioluminescence of baby mullets jumping madly and darting through the water trailing these momentary stars. I was struck by how much the night sky was a reflection bioluminescence depths and the river full of its own deep water stars. In this work I have attempted to capture the trails of fish-light at the water’s edge and the deeper layers of jellyfish, the flowers of the river. As above, so below - you could be looking at the river at night or the stars in the sky and the two eternally dance together."

Additional information

Fine art paper

Smooth matte paper cotton rag 310gsm, Medium textured matte paper cotton rag 310gsm, Textured matte paper cotton rag 310gsm


29 x 32cm (11.42” x 12.6”), 43.5 x 48cm (17.13” x 18.9”), 58 x 64cm (22.83” x 25.2”)

Copyright ©2021Mel Anderson
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