The Tiny Folk

Exhibition 10 October - 21 November 2020
Welcome to the world beneath the world. The world of the tiny folk of Dangar Island.
 2021 New Tiny Folk brewing now!

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Tiny Folk of the Hawkesbury River as they make their way to the mainland to wreak havoc and confusion.

New adventures and quests coming soon.
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Intoducing the Tiny Folk

Read about the stories of the Tiny Folk


River is a New Age ballerina. She grew up amongst the reeds and bends but does not break. She has been known to dance off with the gentle wind for days on end.


Lucy is a practical type of girl and she is very capable in everything she does. She loves the wind in her horns and has a bit of a fascination with speed.


Marcel is a super-tracker and a Master of Disguise. He is able to hold himself as still as a statue. Shhhh ... don't let him know you see him, he thinks he is so clever at hiding.


Mavis is the island herb-woman. She has lived on the river for many years and has perfected the art of milking stink-bugs.


Bastian lives with his father and pet cicada. Bastian's father is an inventor who had hoped his son would follow in his footsteps, but Bastian just wants to be an interpretive dancer.


Beryl may look scary and mean, but that's just the way her face is made. She is actually a magnificent sailor and has traveled to many lands before arriving on the island.


Oscar is a magic man.
He makes potions and incantations and everyone is scared of him. It is said that Oscar has the voice of a bird and is a bird whisperer.


Carly thinks she can do magic and she often practices raising the fish from the river. Sometimes she swims with the jellyfish and they seem to like her as they do not sting her.


I am not sure if Marvin is a real person or a statue. He sits so still and is always asleep so it is possible he is a rock god.


Colin is a bit of an island celebrity. He used to be a very famous scientist (he would say he still is) and won a Nobel prize for his work in microbiology.

#11 OWEN

Owen is shy and can be hard to find, but if you are quiet and patient you can sometimes catch him grooming his soldier crabs on the south beach.


Flora has a special gift, she can grow the biggest and best flowers of anyone on the island. I think there must be a little bit of flower in Flora herself, don't you think?


Freya is a magnificent break-dancer. She moves her moves and does a great DJ set. She produces her own music with island sounds in moody soundscapes that no one understands.


Gerrin is a fashion iconista who thinks he is a witchdoctor. He makes all his own clothes and particularly likes a good headdress. He only uses natural fibres and discarded feathers and he is completely and utterly crazy.


No one knows where Jumble came from, he just turned up one day on the ferry wharf shed with his two left feet and proceeded to make himself at home.


Morris is the most wonderful Opera Singer you have ever heard. His voice is like a quartet of angels singing silver notes in harmony at dawn. Even the birds shut up when he is singing as his voice is so beautiful.


Rhonda is very private and doesn't like talking about herself. She is a bit of a hermit and if she knows you are looking for her she will hide away. Go quietly when you are on the lookout for Rhonda!


Selby is a bit silly and reluctant to grow up. She loves being alive and dancing and singing but doesn't much like being responsible. She is fun to be around but can be exhausting.


Dorothy is a Very Wise Woman. She sees everything so clearly that she no longer passes judgment but rather holds space for everyone who needs it.


Jemimah is a strange one. She fell from the sky one day and radiates starlight. She is well loved in the community but can be a bit vague and airy at times.


No one knows where Animal comes from, he just turned up on the island one day. There are whispers he is actually a prince from the far away land of Hornsby Heights and he is hiding on the river.


Theobold is a Jellyfish Hunter. She lives alone and will always stop to chat. She has many stories she likes to tell about life on the river, but don't believe a word she says, she is a big fat liar


Gertrude is a Fish-Whisperer.
People know she calls the fish like a magician, but not everyone realises she just throws them back. All of them.

#24 NOEL

All his life Noel has been mismatched, but he's OK with that. He doesn't fit in with the normal Tiny Folk but has found his tribe on Dangar Island.


Salvador was a corporate suit who made his fortune on the Stick-market. He only became a Stick-broker because that's what he thought his father wanted him to do.


Lennon is the best cook and cocktail maker on the island. They mix up a storm on a Saturday night in the secret underground bar of The Club. He mixes 'emotions' cocktails to tingle your toes.


Anita is a talented chemist who works with Lennon in the dark-ish art of manufacturing emotions for sale. She  just loves Mavis' Cicada-Shell Broth Soup and Termite chocolates.


Winston runs the Tiny Folk Makers Shed every Wednesday at the Ferry Wharf and is a powerful Gum Nut Guru. He can gaze at his navel for hours on end and has perfected the art of lucid dreaming and juggling.


Jesse is the local Cockatoo Rider. He is part of the Noisy Galah new age rock and roll band and is a terrible tease. No one can resist dancing to the music of the Noisy Galah's greatest hits.


William is the sweetest Little man on the island. He works as a therapist, not only for the Tiny Folk but also for the possums and native birds and animals who have their own special problems and troubles.


Amity is an inventor and full of amazing ideas. Sometimes these work but mostly they don't. Either way Amity never gives up on her endeavours and is always trying out new things.


Burble carries on a proud and ancient tradition of collecting emotions, dreams and experiences. She keeps them in jars on shelves in her cave.


Mirabelle is always on the lookout for love and yearns for someone to save her from her loneliness. She is always falling in love. With all the wrong people.


Jellybean has got to be the happiest person ever. She is a genius gymnast and she lives to make people laugh. You will find her being silly all over the island and the greatest joy she has is in making people happy.


Don't let appearances fool you, Quinn is the smartest person on the island. He has a not-so-secret advantage don't you know? Quinn has a second brain!!


Half tiny folk and half Lemon Myrtle, Lil Poppet is totally in tune with the trees and herself. If you are not paying attention you might mistake her voice for the gentle breeze filtering through the leaves.


No one knows where Millicent came from and she was raised by owls. Millicent learned the Tawny Frog-mouth hummmmmmmm instead of the Little People sounds.


Hortense lives with her ten children, 5 grasshoppers and 3 butterflies. She is a witch in her spare time and thinks she is very accomplished at putting spells on people. She is remarkably selfish but she genuinely means well.


Rashida is an Egyptian pharaoh reincarnated as a Little Person. She was a terrible pharaoh and no one remembers her name. 


Petal is a very vain flower who fancies herself a Little Person. She dresses up her buds and seeds and attempts to pass as a Little Person. Of course no one is fooled but they all go along with her charade as it really doesn't hurt them to do so.


Quibley has a magic coat of feathers that allow her to fly. They have been passed down the family tree and are part of the reason a terrible curse was laid on her family.


Simon might look silly with his one big bobbily eye, but he can see as far as the horizon and sometimes around corners when the light bounces off his eyeball in just the right way. There is nothing you can hide from Simon as he sees everything.

#44 HORACE (the HEAD)

Shhhh ... don't tell Horace that he is only a head. He doesn't realise he has lost his body and as he hangs out with sleeping Marvin he is unlikely to realise his body is gone for some time yet.


Galactica comes from the planet #$@#%&, which we all know as Kepler 452B. She wormholed her way through the fabric of space and time and ended up on Dangar Island a long time ago.


Polycephaly is a juvenille two headed monster type who is currently growing into his second brain. This family of the Tiny Folk are very unusual in that they reproduce by forming a new head when it is time for the old body to die.


Some bad things happened to Arrow a long time ago and he has been running away from himself ever since.
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