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Current Exhibition

Dangar Island Depot
October 10 - November 21 2020
Little People Sculpture Walk, Dangar Island
  • #2 Lucy

    Lucy was born on the island and hopes one day to travel far and wide.
    She currently lives with a family of micro-bats and sometimes rides with the youngest bat at dusk. She loves nothing better than to swoop and fly with the baby bat as he catches mosquitoes for his dinner.
    Sometimes they catch small fish and other times they go hunting for termites. Lucy’s favourite pastime on the island is exploring the many caves. She has built herself some tidy little hiding holes and tunnels across the island and is very difficult to find unless she is swinging on her swing. Sometimes at night you can find her by her glowing gumboots.
    Lucy is a practical type of girl and she is very capable in everything she does. She has traveled the ferry and stowed aboard various boats to visit all the parts of the river. She loves the wind in her horns and has a bit of a fascination with speed. She particularly loves flying very fast and low and sometimes the little bat will throw her off when he is catching his food. Luckily for Lucy though, she is very light and can just float to the ground.
    If you happen to meet Lucy tell her hi from me.

    #5 Bastian

    Bastian lives with his father and pet cicada in a special cave in the roots of the trees. Bastian’s father is an inventor who had hoped his son would take after him, but Bastian just wants to be an interpretive dancer.
    Bastian dances everywhere he goes. He does not speak, but dances the dance of the flower, taught to him by the local bees. Every flower has its own dance and this is how Bastian communicates with them.
    One day Bastian may turn into a flower himself, if he dances too much. This worries his father enormously as Bastian’s mother danced herself into a native iris many years ago and now he can only talk to her when the wind blows from the west. Sometimes Bastian’s father cries in his sleep and he yearns for the day another flower may come into his life and dance the dance of the little people with him again.
    Bastian is only a child and he looks forward to his pet cicada finally growing up enough to crawl to the surface and grow his wings. Bastian would like to fly with his cicada when this happens.
  • #14 Gerrin

    Gerrin is a fashion icon who thinks he is a witchdoctor. He makes all his own clothes and particularly likes a good headdress. He only uses natural fibres and discarded feathers and he is completely and utterly crazy.
    No one really cares that he is bonkers though, he is always doing spells to make things better and he is such a charming fellow that everyone loves him.
    The world in his head is very strange, but he is a kind and gentle person and perhaps in some way the magic works on him. He thinks he can fly and people often have to take him to Mavis to heal him with her stink bug medicine.
    The worst time was when he broke both his legs and he had to get them replaced with gum nuts. Mavis had to get Oscar to help with that one.
    These days he doesn’t try to fly as much but instead has made himself the most magnificent beaded wings and he speaks to Marvin in his dreams and flies in them instead.

    #22 Theobold (The Jellyfish Hunter)

    Theobold is a Jellyfish Hunter.
    As a Jellyfish Hunter, Theobold is always on the lookout for the best and tastiest jellyfish she can find in the river. Not all jellyfish make good eating and when you are a little person you only want the smallest jellyfish you can find. She particularly likes the jellyfish that glow in the dark and you can often find her selling her dried Jellyfish at the monthly markets in the Park.
    Theobold lives alone and is friendly with everyone. She will always stop and chat and has many stories she likes to tell about life on the river. Don’t believe a word she says, her stories are somewhat based in fact but she is a big fat liar who cares more for the story than the truth. She used to work on the prawn trawlers going up to Bar Point but she stopped about a year ago when she had a disagreement with the Captain’s cat.
    Theobold lives with her Water Dragon and rides in the monthly Dragon Races. She is a champion of Dragon Racing and no one on the island can beat her. Her Water Dragon is an exceptional beast called Jabber with a bright orange breast, and it is said Jabber once bested the neighbour’s ginger fat cat in a fight to the death.
    Although this may be another ‘big-fat-lie’ that Theobold spins.
  • #6 Beryl

    Beryl may look scary and mean, but that’s just the way her face is made. She is actually a magnificent sailor and has traveled to many lands before arriving on the island.
    Beryl has been living amongst the trees for many years now and has become comfortable with her life here. She is an excellent digger and often helps out in the community garden with her large shovel-like hands.
    Beryl has not forgotten her love affair with the sea and you can often find her swimming with the fish on summer evenings when the bioluminescence is rolling in like a syrup of light. She has a little boat she sometimes rows around the island but she will never again sail the big sea as she has lost her courage. Not surprisingly really, as she lost her life partner to a hungry Mulloway one trip when they were sailing back from a festival at Little Wobby.
    Beryl misses her partner very much and if she ever finds that nasty Mulloway ...

    #16 Morris

    Morris is the most wonderful Opera Singer you have ever heard. His voice is like a quartet of angels singing silver notes in harmony. Even the birds shut up when he is singing as his voice is so beautiful. Sometimes you can hear his voice, like the sound of silver bells, wafting around the island on the wind and carried in the feathers of birds.
    Morris sings everywhere he goes and you always know what mood he is in depending on how his songs make you feel. He can make you cry and laugh and guffaw in joy.
    He is also an excellent musician and plays the oyster drum, the gum leaf and the gum nut banjo.
    Don’t let his short stature fool you, he is bigger on the inside and his heart is his best instrument of all.
    If you meet Morris on your travels make sure to ask him to sing you a song. That way you can take something of the island home with you in your heart when you leave.


Conversations with the river

Brooklyn Cottage April 25-May 24 2020
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